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Registered Spiral Practitioners

Amelia Sutcliffe

perth, wa, australia  

Amelia is the founding director of Mystique School of the Temple Arts. Whose sole mission is

 “To help you find your path back to your soul’s rememberance.”

I help soul’s land here on earth. Find their purpose and start living it. Be it Womb Mysteries or Spiritual Gift Ascension, or to simple be a better version of you.

Services include
– Spiral
– Womb Spiral
– Holistic Energy Clearing
– Ancestral Line Clears
– Inner Child Healing
– Soul Contract Breaks
– 5d Light Grid Connection for wealth coding
– Spiritual Ascension Activation
– Psychic Medium, and a Spiritual Channel

Areas of specialty –  helping to heal allergies, depression and anxiety, sexual trauma and being a guide in Spiritual Gifts activation, and Womb Activation. 


Anatolia Hecate Karteras

melbourne, victoria, australia  

Our world is currently experiencing a rising tide of collective change; souls are waking up. 

You are here for a reason; in this body, on this earth, on this website. 

You are waking up to the old habit patterns and a collective consciousness of scarcity and fear passed down through generations, which does not serve purpose and open hearted connection with self and other.

​The more attuned we are to the conflict within us, the more we are able to consciously craft our reality and choose to live empowered, compassionate, creatively stimulating, courageous lives! 

The Spiral is one of the many ways I use my gifts to guide others through their subconscious and bring light from the darkness. 

My clients work with me for: 
– stronger embodiment and emotional intelligence 
– magical thinking to shift perspectives and unsheathe habitual ways of seeing reality 
– a loving approach to authenticity, calling out bullsh*t stories that do not serve growth 
– courage to live an inspirational life 
– powerful self love rituals


CANBERRA, ACT, Australia

Ben Maron is a facilitator of transformation offering healing, empowerment and guidance through his deep, grounded presence. Ben has over two decades of experience studying spirituality, healing and personal growth/transformation. This coupled with his vast experience in teaching and facilitation make him a powerful agent of change. Ben has been teaching and facilitating people from 5 years and up since 2000.

Ben, a trained primary school teacher and outdoor educator, brings his experience and training in yoga teaching, life coaching, qigong, meditation and various healing modalities together into a unique blend of the spiritual and the practical.

Ben is one of the longer practicing Spiral/Clearing Practitioners trained by Dane Tomas, completing his training in Early 2016. He has successfully worked with many people and deepened his practice significantly since then (read about others experiences here). Ben continues to contribute to his own growth and the growth of the modality and has been supporting 3 practitioner trainings.

caroline newton 

melbourne, victoria, Australia

Caroline has been a Spiral Practitioner since completing her training in July 2016 and has taken over 50 people through The Spiral process. She has a very practical approach and believes in bridging the gap between the spiritual/esoteric and the “real world”. 

Caroline has learnt techniques in Shiatsu & TCM, Tantric philosophy, yoga & meditation, fitness, nutrition, energy medicine and emotional clearing. She loves sharing her knowledge and tools with her clients. Her mission is to inspire people to reach their full potential and help them to integrate the physical, emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual aspects of the body in order to feel more balanced and harmonious, and more aligned to their true nature and purpose.

In addition to being a certified Spiral Practitioner, Caroline holds a Diploma of Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies and Certifications in Fitness (Cert III & IV), Reiki (levels 1 & 2) and Wellness Coaching. She is a qualified yoga teacher (200 hours) and a member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA).


Chelsea Aldridge

Lilydale, victoria, australia  

I am a mother who is passionate about helping parents heal their wounds, find their voice and start loving themselves first.

I have had 2 years experience in holding space for women and mothers in Circle, and 4 years of experience as a mother (one daughter and one spirit baby) 

I am committed to providing a safe space for all who are called to receive my offerings, and have personal experience with a whole spectrum of topics such as depression (pre and post natal), miscarriage, modern and alternative parenting, breaking free from societal expectations, starting a small business from home with a baby, re-kindling my relationship with myself and starting the process of choosing to look after my own needs.


Danielle Templeman

sunshine coast, queensland, australia  

Danielle is a passionate Spiral Practitioner and has been consistently guiding people through the Spiral in a supportive and nurturing manner since completing training in February 2019. 

Danielle has spent the better part of a decade engrossed in personal development with the aim of providing people with a well-rounded holistic experience. As well as being a Spiral Practitioner Danielle is a Senior Yoga Teacher, a qualified Meditation Teacher, a Gabby Bernstein certified Life Coach, Reiki Master, Crystal Healer and trained Tea Ceremony facilitator.

Danielle is continually learning and growing and openly shares her knowledge, skills and warmth freely with anyone who works with her. 

Danielle’s purpose is to help people create stillness and grace within, so they can move through the world with ease.


Erika Briones


Erikaa Briones is for you if you want to dive deep into sacred sexuality, mysticism, and creativity. Before Erikaa walked the path of a Spiral practitioner, she dived deep into a hands-on practitioner from Tantra to BDSM. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Child and Family Development and has a wealth of wisdom.

She’s known more for her way of listening to your needs. Erikaa deeply cares about raising the frequency of the planet through spending times learning with her mentors. On fun days, she likes putting on her salsa shoes and making her way out to the dance floor.

You are going to like working with Erikaa especially if you have sexual trauma and heartbreak. She has a kindness in her eyes, and loving presence when she greets you. Her ambition besides becoming an advanced Spiral practitioner, and curating her message, her ultimate goal is returning deeper into love for mother Gaia.


Fiona Budini

Melbourne, australia  

Before becoming an advanced Spiral practitioner, Fiona was a Myotherapist, energy worker and healer for over 10 years. Finding the best practices available for self care and for helping those who want to make changes in their lives is a passion for her. She is constantly learning about yoga, tantra, mindset practices, meditation, motivation, energy systems and anything else she can get her hands on.

Fiona is deeply intuitive, empathetic, supportive and also a wee bit cheeky. She believes it’s important to commit to The Work during this lifetime, but to not take yourself too seriously. To be child like, not childish. She uses her joyful, nurturing transmission to co-create healing journeys with her clients, by sharing her vast knowledge base and tools.


Isadora Spearwoman

Berkeley, United states  

Isadora is a womb witch, a seeker, a healer, a poet, and a lover of movement, music and the arts. She is a certified Birth and Postpartum Doula as well as a Spiral Practitioner. As a doula, she focuses on providing compassionate and loving care to mothers, babies, and families. As a Spiral Practitioner, she holds sacred space for her clients to explore, embrace, and honor all parts of themselves and awaken to their own greatness. Isadora is most passionate about assisting in the healing of our earth, reclaiming, remembering, and honoring the feminine principle, and reconnecting people to their true essence. She holds the highest accord, reverence, and respect for life, and to those who give and sustain life, mainly the womb and the seed. She is a steward of the land, a guardian of the mysteries of birth, a space holder, a being of beauty and grace, and is ultimately here to spread the light and guide all beings back to the sacred.


Jackson James Kubian

SUNSHINE COAST, australia  

I am a dance instructor, performing artist, and on my way to becoming a high school teacher! 

My purpose is to learn and pass on what is learned. I have initiated waves of men through the spiral and integrated man. Based on other’s feedback, my specialty is unlocking people’s confidence…in their communication skills, life purpose, and self-expression. 

As my good friend, Kung Fu Panda would say…

Skadoosh! 😉


Jacqui Hives

Diamond Creek, victoria, australia  

I am an Advanced Certified Spiral Practitioner. I have studied some Kinesiology, but when I found Spiral I knew I struck gold! 

I have been through Spiral four times myself and taken people as young as 3 through the process. My clients say that I am no fluff, nurturing, non-judgmental, thorough, relatable and honest AF. 

I weave in some Reiki and let my intuition guide me in the session. I feel like a spiritual cheerleader and doula supporting your birth into your new authentic self. I get so fired up seeing my clients become consciously aware and living their best lives. Spiral will change your life and I would be honoured to support you through the epic journey and welcome you into your new state of being.

Jamy Schumacher

Iowa City, Iowa, USA

Jamy Schumacher is a Spiral Practitioner, Ancestral Healer and Unweaver of Emotional Conditioning. Her intention in every session is to help people reconnect to their own powerful central vortex and come back to home within themselves. We are energetic beings with infinite potential just waiting to be activated. 

She uses a practical and bridged approach to healing on an energetic level and offers guidance on how to apply those shifts in our daily physical lives.  

She is an unschooling mother of two girls in Iowa City, Iowa. She specializes in expansion, self acceptance, shame free parenting and healing infidelity/relationship wounds.

Kelly Grignon


Life Coach & Spiral Practitioner for Elite High Achievers
Specialty: Professional Sports Teams and Law Enforcement Officers 
Based in Monroe, Michigan, United States

Supporting high achievers in bridging the gap between professional performance and personal fulfillment. 
My style is very fast paced and direct with a healthy dose of compassion and empathy to get my clients results that are powerful and long lasting.

Laura Usher

melbourne, victoria, australia  

Laura is the creatress of La Loba Herbalism and works to empower women in all walks of life. Through her business she offers holistic products and support for women to connect with their bodies and innate feminine wisdom. 

Laura is a gentle, open and powerful woman. She utilises her life experiences, deep body wisdom and intuition to connect with those around her. Her transmission is one of sensuality, motivation and curation of purpose for those wanting to step into the entrepreneurial business sphere.

Lori Kinsey

Hurricane, Ut, USA

Lori’s desire is to hold a powerful, safe energetic space to conduct emotional clearing, healing of the energetic bodies and radical soul transformation. Her drive to lead from a place of integrity enables clients to expand into their most authentic self. The passion for this work shows in every session.

Lori has the ability to hold a strong container because of her service work in the areas of domestic violence and human trafficking. As a domestic abuse survivor, her goal is to heal on the soul level from a place of compassion and trust.

She can also be found using her transmission as a connector of souls to create her vision of bringing people together in a safe, judgement free space. The events include sound baths, guided meditations, chakra clearings, feminine movement workshops and various other offerings.

Lori feeds her soul by loving her people hard, surrounding herself with music, exploring the magical lava fields of Utah, hiking, and connecting to the elements.


Maria McCord


Maria is a healer at heart.

She incorporates various modalities including Reiki, Akashic Records, and her own intuitive gifts to lead each client along their own unique journey of transformation. She creates a safe container for healing and meets her clients where they are.

She also uses her own life experiences (with addiction, recovery, and loss) to connect with her clients with compassion. Her own path has had its share of challenges and she deeply values the freedom from emotional bondage that The Spiral has created in her own life. Her transformative journey inspired her to want to share this work with other women who were suffering as she once was.

She received her Spiral Certification in LA this summer is a proud member of the first US training class. She is currently journeying through Womb Spiral herself, and looks forward to sharing her own story of transformation with her clients.


melanie victoria

SYDNEY, NSw, australia  

I specialize in working with those who have big aspirations for themselves, that know they are unhappy with the way they currently live their lives. 

I help you to develop courage, increase your emotional intelligence and levels of self awareness. I facilitate these changes using my skills as a Life Coach, Spiral Practitioner and strengths in intuition and understanding human behavior. I focus on sustainable and scalable change by helping you to re-conceptualize yourself as someone who is powerful, confident and full of potential. I also have a strong focus in developing habits, mindset and behavior which are fundamental to creating long lasting change.

nyaniso dzedze

Johannesburg, South Africa 

As well as being an Advanced Spiral Practitioner, Nyaniso is a professional actor and dancer, he specializes in movement exploration as a performer and as a choreographer. He believes in investing deeply in the journey that he takes his audiences on, breathing life into the stories he is telling. Dedicated to restoring health among men, guiding them towards unexplored territories of intimacy, connection and expression of emotions, he feels that addressing the root of men’s pain is the true way to revolutionise gender inequality, abuse and restore power to relationships. With emotional clearing as a tool He holds men with gentle power, and calls them in to their truths.

Journey with Nyaniso (via Vela Souls) through The Spiral to receive upgrades in the following areas: masculine empowerment, ancestral connection, performing arts.


Patricia Newton

Scarborough, QUEENsland, Australia 

As an accomplished, eclectic Master Healer/Teacher & with a lifetime of unparalleled medical, Complementary Therapies, spiritual & esoteric knowledge, I became a Spiral Practitioner 4 years ago.  I have crewed at three Spiral Practitioner Trainings & committed to many future trainings.

I seamlessly drop into a clients’ consciousness, read their vibrational energy to determine their emotions, shadows & frequencies which create illness & dysfunction. I then transform clients at the cellular level by combining powerful energetic forces- Energy Medicine resulting in intense personal change.  Modalities include Reiki, EFT, Kinesiology, Aromatherapy, Matrix Re-Imprinting, Quantum Repatterning.

Elevating clients’ vibrational frequency/consciousness liberates the person to shine authentically.  Emotions, energetic responses, body energy systems, shadow integration are the keys to health, happiness & success.  The ‘treatment’ health paradigm has been superseded to quantum level healing.


Rose Elisheva

melbourne, Australia 

Rose is a compassionate, intuitive, encouraging and transformative practitioner. 

She is passionate about helping clients to release blockages to full creative self-expression. Her sessions incorporate sound healing, energy work and art therapy to help with reestablishing the connection to the Inner Child and Divine Essence. She loves to help clients to re-member their Sovereignty. 

Rose has a background in dance, visual arts, singing, acting and performance. She has also undertaken study in holistic nutrition, yoga, meditation, channeling, creative writing, Steiner philosophy, nature-based therapy, costume design, permaculture, tonic herbalism and astrology.




Tara’s transmission is creativity, passion, DEEP self love, forgiveness, and most importantly FAITH to overcome anything and the unlimited power to do EVERYTHING! By helping you heal old wounds and clear the limiting beliefs you’ve been holding onto, you will finally be FREE to love yourself FULLY, feel deep love in return, and find and live your souls purpose. Transformation awaits.


Ty Nelson

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

I work with people who are really good at what they do and want to get better. My clients are athletes, business people, teachers, healers, and artists. There is a new level of human performance available right now, and it’s not going to only come from trying harder, doing more, and the traditional approaches that elite performers employ today. There’s a new level of resilience that comes from accepting all aspects of our experiences. I facilitate the removal of blocks to solidify belief towards the biggest goals, and to let go of fears holding us back.


Victoria Redbard

GOLD COAST, queensland, Australia


Victoria Redbard – Somatic Sexologist from the UK. Victoria is a counsellor, speaker, author, researcher, open relating expert and self pleasure activist. She has studied tantra and sexuality in many countries and now resides in the Gold Coast Australia helping people have relationships that make them feel free and expansive. She believes that by integrating our sexuality with our spiritual practices we can achieve anything in life. 


Her professional training includes:
Bachelor degree in Coaching and Counselling
Somatic Sexology Brazil (Certified Sexological Bodyworker)
Yoga Teacher Training India 200 Hours
Ayurveda Practitioner
International School of Temple Arts
Landmark Graduate



yANA FAy  

Johannesburg, South Africa

Yana Fay is a potent way-shower and womb-whisperer who’s transformational healing-work guides women home to the wisdom of their bodies and the full expression of their creativity. She’s the leader of online women’s group Deep Inner Knowing and guides women all over the world through her work. Yana’s fire is strong and her passionate commitment to her work an inspiration. She is fierce, yet gentle and playful in her expression of the deeply mystical gifts she shares. She is an Advanced Spiral Practitioner, a space holder, a dancer, choreographer, and a pioneer of new hybrid work.  Journey with Yana (via Vela Souls) through The Spiral to receive upgrades in the following areas: deepening into the feminine, womb connection, creative expression.

Journey with Yana (via Vela Souls) through The Spiral to receive upgrades in the following areas: deepening into the feminine, womb connection, creative expression.

Zulu Flow Zion


One of the “OG” Spiral Pracs – with 13 years in the coaching industry and having taken over 150 individuals through the Spiral – Zulu’s experience and depth at which he has internalised the technology is unparalleled.

His purpose – to facilitate the actualisation of human potential – guides his no nonsense philosophy and principle based approach.

One of his core transmissions is that of “wu wei” – a state of non-doing – that supports living a fully integrated, successful and optimised life.”

Not through force but through effortless effectiveness and easeful flow.

Individuals and groups who with Zulu experience fast, profound and lasting transformation.

Zulu’s results speak for themselves, having helped multiple high level athletes, sports teams, actors, artists, entrepreneurs and business leaders achieve success in all areas

If you’re a leader who wants to take your results to the next level whilst working with someone who really knows their stuff, then Zulu is your guy.