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This Agreement has been compiled by The Spiral Institute (TSI) and relates to the terms and conditions for all Practitioners holding certification as a Spiral Practitioner.

This Agreement is the professional base standard expected of all Practitioners so as to preserve and enhance the reputation of The Spiral, as well as to create and maintain a community of Practitioners who align with this work.

This Agreement applies to all Practitioners who are or who become certified as a Spiral Practitioner, as certified by The Spiral Institute.  

The Spiral Institute reserves the right to amend the Agreement as and when it is deemed necessary, including inserting new provisions conferring new obligations on Practitioners. Should such be the case, all Practitioners will be informed of these changes in writing. Should the Practitioner not agree with any new or amended provisions, the Practitioner agrees to indicate this to The Spiral Institute within a reasonable time after The Spiral Institute  has notified the Practitioner of the changes in writing. Subject to the Terms of Agreement below, The Spiral Institute ultimately reserves to right to revoke certification should the Practitioner not agree to such new or amended terms.

Professional Conduct

Practitioners are at all times to maintain ethical standards and show politeness and consideration to clients. They are to conduct themselves professionally so as to comply with the generally accepted standards of moral behaviour and decency.

Practitioners are to conduct their professional practice with reasonable skill and learning. In no way will they misrepresent their level of training, expertise, experience or qualification.

Practitioners must not claim or represent that they are able to cure cancer or any other terminal illness.

Practitioners will not attempt to offer work or advice beyond their level of competence or training (e.g. Quantum Clears, Group Spiral sessions).

Practitioners will recommend clients to seek additional help in the case where a client is in need of further assistance that falls outside of the individual Practitioner’s level of expertise, field of experience, or qualifications.

Practitioners are to maintain up to date, accurate and legible records for each client session that are held securely and not subject to unauthorised access.

Practitioners must comply with the relevant privacy laws that apply to client’s health information, including (a) the Health Records Act 2001; and (b) the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014; and (c) the Privacy Act 1988 of the Commonwealth, and the Practitioner warrants that they are aware of such laws and understands them.

Practitioners are to maintain confidentiality with clients to the same level as that expected of a medical physician – patient relationship.

Prior to any Practitioner-Client relationship, all clients must give informed consent. When clients are unable to give informed consent due to age, the Practitioner will obtain consent by the client’s legal guardian, and will not commence with any work or advice until such consent is obtained.

Practitioners are to provide a safe and judgement-free environment for their clients during sessions.

Practitioners must not put their clients at risk due to their own physical or mental health problems, and agree to inform The Spiral Institute if they have perceived or actual physical or mental health problems that would affect their work with clients as a Spiral Practitioner.

All Practitioners shall respect the clients physical and emotional state, and shall not abuse clients through actions or words, nor take advantage of the relationship, including financial exploitation.

At no time are the clearing tools to be used to manipulate or influence according to the Practitioner’s own agenda.

Practitioners shall not conduct sessions with clients while under the influence of alcohol, marijuana and unlawful substances.

Practitioners agree to respect the Practitioner-Client relationship and maintain professionalism at all times. This includes not engaging in sexual misconduct with clients.

Practitioners shall use appropriate judgement when deciding to work with clients who have mental health issues, are medicated or using drugs/alcohol.

Practitioners shall not discourage clients from seeking other health care.

Practitioners are aware that they can refer clients on to another practitioner if they are unable to complete The Spiral process with a client due to personal or health reasons.

Practitioners agree to seek advice from The Spiral Institute if the Practitioner-Client relationship breaks down at any point through the process.

Practitioners agree to seek advice from The Spiral Institute within a reasonable time frame if there is anything about the Practitioner-Client relationship guidelines they do not understand.

At the commencement of, or within a reasonable time after the commencement of the Practitioner- Client relationship, the Practitioner agrees to make the client aware of how to contact The Spiral Institute should a complaint arise.


Practitioners are responsible for arranging their own appropriate indemnity insurance to cover themselves under this agreement.


The Contractor hereby indemnifies, and agrees to keep indemnified The Spiral Institute and its respective officers, servants, employees and agents, against all losses, liabilities, claims and expenses which arise from:

Any act or omission of the Practitioner in connection with their Certification by The Spiral Institute, whether at common law, or for breach of statutory duty, or under any other statute or law;

Any injury or damage suffered by the Practitioner through its practice as a Spiral Practitioner;

Without limiting the above, any act or omission of the Practitioner that causes or contributes to any loss, liability, claim or expense being incurred by The Spiral Institute in connection with the Practitioner.

Therapeutic Guidelines

The book ‘Clear Your Shit’ serves as the basic foundational guide for clearing techniques. We have no way of policing how each practitioner utilises the techniques in their own practice – we simply request that Practitioners stick to the basic structures outlined in the book.

Subject to the provisions in this agreement relating to Intellectual Property, should the Practitioner wish to use alternative methods to those stipulated in the Spiral modalities, the Practitioner agrees not to use the name “The Spiral”, or a name closely resembling it or including the words “The Spiral”, in reference to the Practitioner’s practice which includes elements of The Spiral modalities, with clients, or to the public at large including in marketing the Practitioner’s practice.

Our request is that Practitioners follow these basic structures:

A root clear has 3 installations.

A manifestation clear runs downwards through the 7 chakras.

The Spiral is sold as one offering, delivered over 7 sessions spaced roughly 1 to 2 weeks apart.

The 5 bodies are used as an integration method at the end of each session.

The Spiral Institute assessment will serve as a checkpoint to ensure each Practitioner can facilitate a Spiral clearing session and other basic clears. This assessment is a requirement to become certified in this modality.

If The Spiral Institute has cause for concern that a Practitioner is not practicing in the best interest of their client’s, we will investigate the concerns and may offer coaching and/or retraining.

Practitioners shall seek advice from The Spiral Institute if there is anything about the clearing techniques they do not understand.

Reputation of The Spiral

Practitioners are not to behave in any manner that may bring The Spiral or The Spiral Institute into disrepute, including making claims or statements which may bring The Spiral or The Spiral Institute into disrepute.

Practitioners are permitted to advertise themselves as Spiral Practitioners and associate themselves with The Spiral brand only if their certification is current.

Practitioners are to ensure that any advertising mentioning The Spiral name be ethical in nature. In no way shall any Practitioner make exaggerated or misleading claims in their advertising bearing The Spiral name.

Practitioners shall not offer trainings which include advanced trainings or further learnings of The Spiral modality.

Intellectual Property

All Practitioners understand that Clear Your Shit, The Spiral, Manifestation Clears, Root Clears, Quantum Clears etc. are formats and modalities, created by The Spiral Institute, and the Practitioner acknowledges that they, along with the titles (as registered or unregistered trademarks) belong to The Spiral Institute in the very least in the form of a literary copyright, and acknowledge that such formats, modalities and titles are as represented in the form in “The Spiral Practitioner Training Manual”.

All certified Practitioners are given permission by way of license for the length of their tenure as a Spiral Practitioner to use these techniques and titles commercially and in marketing, and for the ultimate purpose of healing only.

Practitioners shall not create, offer or sell any other forms, versions, adaptations, or ancillary theories or teachings of The Spiral (e.g. Relationship Spiral) without entering into a written agreement with The Spiral Institute giving consent to utilise the creation in this manner.

Practitioners agree to give attribution to The Spiral Institute where appropriate and will not portray themselves as the creator of The Spiral clearing techniques.

Terms of Agreement

The Spiral Institute reserves the right to withhold certification if the terms and conditions of this Agreement are not agreed to.

In the event of a breach of this Agreement, The Spiral Institute will first attempt to resolve the matter through a verbal conversation. The Spiral Institute will communicate the breach and make sure that it is understood. From there an appropriate action will be determined by The Spiral Institute at the sole discretion of The Spiral Institute, which may include additional training or support.

In the case that the Agreement is breached a second time, a meeting will be held by the leadership team to discuss the severity of the breach and agree upon an appropriate action (for which the majority of the leadership team need to be in agreement). This may lead to certification being revoked.

The Spiral Institute reserves the right to revoke certification of any Practitioner who refuses to address any concerns The Spiral Institute has notified the Practitioner of regarding non-compliance of the terms and conditions of this Agreement.


The Contractor may not assign any of its rights and obligations as a certified Practitioner under this Agreement to any other party, without the consent of The Spiral Institute.


In the event that certification is revoked, an appeal may be made to the leadership team through our appeals process.

In the case where a second appeal is made, an independent mediation service will be used, with the cost being split between The Spiral Institute and the Practitioner.